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Case Study


An ultimate
app experience

The challenge

An app that can help a cricket fan to get updated with latest scores even without opening an app. Get prematch news, trivia and latest scores for free.

The outcome

Concept to wireframes in under 7 days.
UI to launch in 1 month.


40,000+ downloads with a MVP.

The brief

There are sports, then there are sports and then there are sports fans. We are the latter, period. Scorebell is a produce of frustration from the narcissism prevalent in the way sports are brought to life in our cubicles. We salute the pioneers who revolutionized the way sports were indulged in on a smartphone but we just couldn't fathom why should we still make do with the experience of the stone ages.

Scorebell is an effort by a bunch of sporty Geeks (and some others...)  who make a living through code, design, writing about sports and business stuff. We all have one thing in common, we eat breathe and sleep sports.

It's time the world gets over the buzz ;) and hear the bell. TRING TRING!!

My role

Product design
Content strategy

User flow

Early explorations

The whole team heuristic analysis number of current sports apps of choice. Discussed and analysis and then created a red route document of usability flows, user interviews to identify user needs.


Wireframe did a critical role for us in defining MVP features by putting together user needs and address usability issues.

Ideation, design, and validation

User interface designing

The day came and we were ready to get our hands wet with colors. Colors of choice, of engagement, of emotions, of tradition, of fans and of course colors of nations.

It took us couple of days to finalise the base theme for the app. The theme that speaks ground aesthetics and presents data in most articulative way.

Finalised UI


Intermediate screens


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