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Case Study


B2B product that
restaurants will admire

The challenge

Automate app building process to deliver loyalty-marketing apps faster.

The outcome

An MVP to deliver a starter app in one working day.

The approach

Our CTO came with a game plan to enhance Punchh’s restaurant marketing platform. The core idea was to deliver our loyalty-marketing apps as quick as possible. It was an awesome experience to see the idea curated to the next level with a couple of meetings after looking at the business aspect over delivering the usable apps.

The metaphor
Enable restaurants to quickly go-live to create an early impression on restaurant customers. Over time we can build upon the restaurant’s custom needs to enhance adaptability and engagement of using a loyalty app. "

My role

User experience mapping,
Improvise usability throughout the user journey, 
Align stakeholders with final needs, requirements, hypotheses, and findings.

User research deliverables

This was the beginning of this MVP. We started thinking about who could use this tool initially. It will start when our sales executives present this as a starter kit for our clients. The next user will be our Implementation managers, who help the client to add required aesthetics to create custom looking app to get started ASAP. In the flow now as the client got live on app store’s(iOS & Android) but require some hotfixes, the third person came in the picture, our Customer success manager. CSM can use this tool to make hotfixes and relaunch the app to stores.


Experience Mapping

Ideation deliverables


A couple of meetings, I would say it was more than just meetings, they were knowledge sharing sessions with our Chief of Staff, Product Manager, Lead developers, and QA persons. Curated thoughts, functional challenges, the usability of the product, and key milestones were the few we focused on.

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